Easy yoga poses to reduce quarantine stress

Easy yoga poses to reduce quarantine stress

Feeling low being stuck at home? Well, living a quarantine lifestyle isn't as rosy as we all thought it would be. Having to stay at home at all times juggling household duties & office work is not only extremely hectic but also mentally, physically & emotionally draining. The restricted travel, fear of infection, and the flow of negative news has heightened the stress levels directly impacting the mental & physical health of people. Since there is no specific drug or vaccine for COVID-19 yet which makes it even more important to stay healthy both physically & mentally.

Practicing yoga is a great way to keep your overall well-being in check. Yoga has known to be effective for ages, as it not only boosts immunity but also helps in having a calming effect on the mind. Many studies have also proven that practicing yoga transforms life.

Practicing yoga & meditation can be beneficial for your overall well-being. The uncertainty of the pandemic situation has filled our mind with negative thoughts so to break that chain of thoughts, it is important to incorporate yoga in your daily routine to reduce the anxiety that triggers it. During these difficult times, yoga can help you stay healthy & sane as it helps in achieving mindfulness & give you a positive outlook towards life. Practicing yoga can surely make a difference & can help in reducing quarantine stress. Practicing yoga is the best way to keep quarantine stress at bay as it rejuvenates mind & body. The fundamental principle of yoga is that mind & body are connected which is why by incorporating yoga, people can make their body stronger & train their mind to improve overall well-being. 

Right now, the top priority should be your mental & physical health otherwise you can't fight against quarantine stress & anxiety. With regular yoga practice, you can gain all kinds of mental & physical benefits, such as:
1) Boost immune system
2) Improve blood flow
3) Helps you sleep deeper
4) Release tension in your limbs
5) Relieve anxiety
6) Improve breathing

Also, no matter how old or young you are, yoga is for absolutely everyone. So, if you are feeling stressed or anxious lately then consider sparing some time from your daily routine to practice yoga.

To help you stay calm & healthy in these uncertain times, we've rounded up a few yoga poses that you can practice anywhere at any time to reduce your quarantine stress:

Vriksasana/Tree Pose

Vriksasana or tree pose is one of the easiest yoga postures that you can begin your practice with. This simple yet powerful pose helps in improving balance & stability. If you are suffering from quarantine stress then you should consider incorporating this yoga pose in your lifestyle. By balancing your leg muscles, you can give tranquility to your mind & lower down your stress levels.

Benefits of tree pose
1) Improve body balance
2) Improve concentration
3) Strengthen ligaments in your feet

Steps to perform it:
To perform this yoga posture, begin by standing straight keeping your shoulder relaxed & your arms by your side.
Bend your right knee & place your right foot high up to the left thigh
Keep the left leg straight maintaining the balance
Ensure your spine is straight then slowly raise your arms over your head & join it in the "namaskar" posture
Make sure to keep a firm distant gaze
Hold the posture for a few seconds then bring down your hands & gently release your right foot
Repeat the same steps on the other foot.

Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose

Bhujanga or cobra pose is an effective yoga posture that helps in relieving depression & anxiety. This easy to perform yoga pose has holistic benefits for the whole mind & body. This pose is in a way opposite of bridge pose. People who perform cobra pose have better mental as well as physical health. This yoga pose will help you in relieving all the stress & tension accumulated in your back after long hours of working.

Benefits of cobra pose
1) Elevates mood
2) Relieve stress & fatigue
3) Improves circulation of blood & oxygen

Steps to perform it:
To perform this posture, begin by lying on your stomach, preferably on a yoga mat. Keep your legs straight & press your palm firmly against the floor
Now, slowly lift your chest & straighten your arm.
As you deepen your stretch, you can attain an even arch in your back.
Take a few breaths then release

Tadasana/Mountain pose

Tadasana or mountain pose is a great posture to relieve the mountain of stress from the body. This pose may look like a regular stretch but this is definitely a great stress-buster yoga posture. People who are working from home during quarantine should practice it as it helps in giving much relief to your back.

Benefits of Mountain pose
1) Reduce stress
2) Improve fitness
3) Improve posture & balance

Steps to perform it:
To perform this posture, begin by standing up straight with you chin parallel to the ground
Keep your arm relaxed & slightly tuck-in your tailbone
Now, take a deep breath & lift your hand above your head
Maintain the posture for a few breaths then release

So, these are a few yoga poses that you can consider incorporating to reduce your quarantine stress. We, humans, are not used to living in this quarantine state but of course, to limit the spread of COVID-19, it is essential to maintain social isolation. Being in a quarantine state can take a toll on our mental & physical health which is why it has become important to incorporate yoga in our lives to reduce stress & anxiety from our body & mind.

Final Thoughts
Wrapping it up, we can say that practicing yoga while self-quarantine can keep your body healthy & calm your mind so take some time out of your daily routine & indulge in a stress-busting yoga session.

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