Tips to control emotions in sports

Tips to control emotions in sports

When it comes to sports, the ability to control & balance your emotions matters the most. There are times when every athlete has to perform under pressure so it becomes essential for him to keep intense emotions under control.  To be able to perform consistently under any situation, you need to keep your emotions under control. During sports performances, a wide variety of emotions tend to arise such as fear, anger, pride, etc., and if you give power to those emotions then it can severely impact your emotions.

To become a successful athlete, it is essential to do systematic mental training as it can help in bringing out the best in him without letting the emotions influence the performance. When the competition gets tougher or fears approach in an athlete’s mind then negative emotions get triggered resulting in poorly-managed performance stress.

To deliver the best athletic performance, every athlete should learn to control their emotions which will help them in performing exceptionally on the field.

We’ve rounded up a few effective tips to control emotions in sports:

Reframe your thoughts

One of the most important things that every athlete needs to do is to reframe their thoughts. Thoughts can be positive and negative, and all the thoughts majorly depend on our ideas of success & failure. By reframing your thoughts, you can strike success by parting ways from negative thoughts.

Develop a growth mindset

The next thing that one can do is to develop a growth mindset which will help in effectively managing stress & anger. Emotionally difficult situations are common on sports ground which is why it becomes necessary for every athlete to develop a growth mindset. With a growth mindset, you will be able to learn important life skills from others easily.

Use relaxation techniques

The next thing that one can do to control emotions in sports is by using a relaxation technique. By following relaxation techniques, you can calm your both mind & body which eventually will help in controlling your racing thoughts. You can also avoid displaying any signs of dominance by practicing relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques can help in managing your emotions successfully.


Positive self-talk can help the players to cope up with the performance pressure. Positive self-talk during stressful situations can help in countering negative emotions. Engaging in self-talk can help you in acquiring a growth mindset which results in blocking out distracting thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Every athlete needs to perform consistently to attain the heights of success. Balancing emotions is the key to improve athletic performance. By controlling your emotions, you can avoid your emotions to come in the way of your performance.

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