At Love Equals our mission is to embrace and promote the positivity and passion in life. What is more positive than love? Nothing. The love we have for friends and family, the things we do, the places we visit, the things we play, etc. motivates us, encourages us, inspires us, and challenges us, to be there for each other and to take care of ourselves.

I started Love Equals in 2018 but the idea was developing in me years earlier. For me, it has always been about family and friends and doing good for others. Both intentionally and unintentionally I have been driven by the idea of inclusion and service.

In 2003, I met one of my favorite athletes, Olympic speedskating champion Johann Olav Koss, and learned about his sports non-profit, Right to Play. The organization’s tagline, “look after yourself, look after one another” resonated with me. Right to Play’s sentiment aligned with the mission communicated at and by my alma mater, Georgetown University. Georgetown “educates women and men to be reflective lifelong learners, to be responsible and active participants in civic life and to live generously in service to others.” Finally, I am connected to the Sikh religion, which is partially grounded in the concept of “seva.” In Sikhism, seva refers to selfless service for altruistic purposes on behalf of, and for the betterment of a community.

Driven by love and the power of inclusion and service, we are working with our customers, employees and business partners to spark a movement that helps us fulfill our enormous individual and societal potential.  You will see that love in our products, in our relationships, in our marketing, and in our customer service. Join us in this movement.

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