Solutions to plastic pollution

Solutions to plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is fatal for our eco-system as there are around 8.3 billion tones of plastic that has been produced since the 1950s, and the only fraction of it has been recycled so far which is why plastic pollution is fatal for our ecosystem’s health. Plastic is a problematic substance due to its biodegradable nature which is why it takes around millions of years to decompose. In the present scenario, our planet has enough plastic to cover its every foot of coastline with it. All thanks to our poor waste management, the problem of plastic pollution has created severe devastation around the world.

It has now become highly crucial to mend our ways and find effective solutions to combat plastic pollution. We all are aware of the fact that plastics are forever but being a responsible citizen of this planet we need to change the way social creatures use and dispose of plastic. By following the 3R’s that are reduced, reuse and recycle, we can eliminate the growing threat of plastic pollution. Plastic is one of the worst pollutants which severely impact both the planet’s and living being’s health.

Through this article, we want to make people understand the need for reducing their plastic footprints and adopting a way of life that can help the world in getting rid of plastic woes.

We’ve rounded up a few effective solutions to plastic pollution:

 Make others aware

The most important that everyone should consider doing is making people informed of their planet-harming ways. Some people don’t realize how eliminating plastic trash everywhere is contributing to plastic pollution. The big part of the solution is spreading awareness around the people. More the people will be informed, more will make efforts to use and dispose of plastic responsibly. You can spread awareness by showing plastic pollution focused documentaries to people.

Give up single-use plastic

One of the easiest ways to cut plastic consumption is by giving up single-use plastic. Some plastic products like a cup, straw, bags, etc. are used only one-time then they are discarded so by avoiding such plastic items would be a great way to cut down the plastic usage. You can use a reusable version of such items, this way you would create a difference.

Avoid products having microbeads

Microbeads are tiny plastic particles that are found in some skincare products. These tiny particles on entering a water body can cause severe problems to marine life which is why everyone should consider avoiding buying products that contain microbeads

Recycle plastic products

The next way of reducing plastic pollution is by recycling every possible plastic product. Instead of discarding all the plastic items into landfills or water bodies, you can consider finding a place where plastic is being recycled.

Don’t litter

Another solution to plastic pollution is stopped littering. One of the main causes of plastic pollution is the thoughtless littering of plastic everywhere. It’s high time now and people need to control their habit. Instead of littering the place, you should participate in cleaning up plastic waste from beaches, rivers, etc.

Final Thoughts

To fight with the growing issue of plastic pollution, we all need to become a little more thoughtful and responsible while using & disposing of plastic. Being a responsible citizen of this planet, we need to take responsibility for our actions and should make efforts to bring a big difference to this planet’s condition.

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