How Earth is turning into a Plastic Planet?

How Earth is turning into a Plastic Planet?

In the last 65 years, humans have completely doomed the planet Earth. Environmentalists have calculated that around 79 percent of plastic produced isn’t recycled, and were thrown away in the environment. This environment-harming habit of humans has filled our planet with plastic trash.

The uncontrolled amount of plastics that are we are producing each day has contributed to polluting our environment to an extent that our then green & clean planet is turning now into a plastic planet. The issue of plastic pollution should be addressed otherwise the consequences would be a mass extinction of life. Being a responsible citizen of this planet, we must act consciously before discarding any piece of plastic in the environment.

The mass production of plastic is responsible for the current situation of this planet. If you look around, you will find most of the items are made up of plastic such as plastic bottles, plastic containers, plastic straw, plastic food wrappers, etc. Due to our unique capability of manufacturing, we humans have filled our ecosystem with so much plastic that the future of our planet is drowning in plastics. Littering the environment with tones of plastics has become so common among humans that they don’t even think twice before discarding their plastic waste in the environment.

Plastic is not only affecting the lives of humans but it harming the whole ecosystem. The most mindful creatures of the planet are solely responsible for their derogatory situation. It takes around hundreds or even thousands to years to decompose plastic which implies that whatever plastic we’ve manufactured till now, still exist in one or the other form.

To help our planet breath again, we need to take our responsibility and should manage our plastic waste & look for solutions to plastic pollution by adapting to good plastic management practices. Plastic has become ubiquitous which is an alarming situation as we are leaving a legacy of plastic behind us. The landfills and water bodies are filled with plastic waste which further disrupting its habitat. There is a big recycling gap which is why we end up severely polluting our environment.

Since the 1950s, the age of plastic has begun which has overly hampered the environment beyond measures. We all need to follow the holy grail of recycling religiously to help our planet from turning into a plastic planet. We share this planet with millions of other living things so we all should consider it before the situation goes beyond controllable measures.

Final Thoughts

The layers of plastic that we have produced over the years has an earth-shattering consequence which is why we all need to become more conscious of our planet-harming ways.

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