Why yoga is for everyone?

Why yoga is for everyone?

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice which is believed to be originated around 500 BC. Since then, people are practicing yoga asanas to experience mental and physical benefits. People are incorporating yoga in their everyday lives across the globe & this practice has stood the test of time.Yoga can be practiced by everyone regardless of their age, gender, race, and fitness level.

It has now become an integral part of everyone’s wellness routine as it acts as an empowering practice with which one can expand their overall wellness. People tend to make their age a barrier to a fulfilling yoga practice but many types of research have proven the fact that people of all age can perform yoga asanas. There is a wide range of yoga asanas which people can accommodate according to their body capability.

We’ve rounded up a few reasons why everyone should incorporate yoga in their life:

Strengthen the body & improve flexibility

Practicing different postures of yoga can help you in strengthening your body as to when you perform different postures actively engaging your muscles, you develop your strength.It also helps in making your body flexible as practicing each pose consistently will help you go beyond your own limitations.

Low impact workout

No matter what your age is, you can still consider incorporating yoga in your lifestyle.  Yoga is a low impact workout so it has the same impact as massaging the muscles.Practicing yoga can help you in maintaining a healthy body and it also helps you in staying forever young and agile.

Process of self-improvement

One of the most important thing that people needs to understand before incorporating yogic lifestyle that yoga is not about the end goal, it is about the process or journey of self-improvement. The journey is not about striking the pose perfectly for Instagram pictures but it is about finding your inner self and attain mindfulness.

Relieve chronic pain

Practicing yoga is the antidote of chronic pain of neck, back, knee, etc. Many pieces of research have proved that consistently performing versatile yoga asanas can help in reducing severe body pain as bodily movements involved in yoga helps in relaxing the muscles.

Leads to a happier state of mind

Practicing yoga asana result in achieving a happier state of mind. Yoga is a therapeutic practice which helps in leading to a happier state of mind by uniting the mind, body, and soul. Consistently performing yoga can enhance your mood & help you attain a joyful disposition.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is perfect for every individual. Regardless of age, gender, and flexibility, yoga is meant for everyone who wants to achieve peace, confidence, flexibility or want to reconnect to their inner self.

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