The Next Big Thing? It is Already Here. Say “Hello” to Women’s Soccer

The Next Big Thing? It is Already Here. Say “Hello” to Women’s Soccer

The “next big thing” in sports, or in anything for that matter, is always of keen interest. It implies that something different is going to happen, something exciting, and maybe something lucrative. It could be life-changing (the iPhone) or could just be amusing (the fidget spinner). Whatever it is, it certainly gets our attention.

What has our attention right now? Women’s soccer. And thank god for that. The growth of soccer overall and women’s soccer is rightfully seen as a major success in this country. If nothing else, the U.S. women’s soccer team has won the World Cup 3 times and is one game from securing its fourth. But the excitement surrounding the game is not solely based on the U.S.’s success at the national level. It is at every level. There are millions of young girls playing the sport across the country and thousands who make their way to college campuses around the country to ply their trade against their peers.

And what are all of these players, from the youngest kids to the most seasoned pros, getting? How about the opportunity to work with others, challenge themselves, persevere in the face of obstacles, learn how to be a leader, and of course, have A LOT of fun.

When it comes to this “next big thing,” a key point is that this excitement about girls/women’s soccer is not limited to the U.S. There were 24 teams in this year’s World Cup, compared to the 32 we see in the men’s tournament. There is no reason we will not see the number on both sides increase in the future. The same holds true for one of the most popular sports, soccer, in the quadrennial Summer Olympics. So we have more countries participating in the World Cup (and the Olympics) and millions of girls around the world getting to experience “the beautiful game.”

And it is not just national teams who are making waves. We are seeing global growth of the women’s game at the professional club level. Some of the biggest, most popular, and financially successful clubs are starting a women’s team. Behemoths such as Manchester United and Barcelona are joining established teams like Lyon, PSG, Juventus, Man City, and Arsenal on the pitch. This growth will absolutely continue.

So, with being said, we are firmly hitching a ride on the bandwagon that is women’s soccer. Join us.

And best of luck to both teams in the Women’s World Cup game on Sunday (just a bit more luck, please, for the U.S.A.  😊)

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