How does your carbon footprint affect the world?

How does your carbon footprint affect the world?

In the race of progress, we all have adversely messed up with our ecological framework. Our carbon footprints have contributed to the adverse catastrophic impact on the environment. Carbon footprint refers to a measure of carbon dioxide emitted by the activity of each and every person. Carbon footprints and global warming are closely related as increase in the carbon footprint will result in increasing the greenhouse gases in the environment resulting in global warming.

Due to our environment harming activities, we have contributed to so much greenhouse gas emission which has resulted in disturbing our ecosystem entirely. Due to growing emission of greenhouse gases in the environment, there is constant rise in the global temperature which is responsible for many unalterable environmental issues.

To understand how carbon footprints affect the world, firstly, we need to know what causes carbon footprint:

  • Our modern way of living is largely responsible for our growing carbon footprints. Nowadays, everyone prefers to travel via their personal vehicle which has resulted in increasing the emission of carbon dioxide in the environment.
  • Our food choices have also adversely influenced the amount of carbon emanated in the environment. People eat processed food more than locally produced foods which also contribute to adding carbon footprint in the environment.
  • Burning of fossil fuel is one of the major reasons behind the carbon footprint in the environment. To fulfill any activity we need fossil fuels such as coal, natural, etc. Which emit carbon dioxide, and result in causing various environmental problem.

We, humans, are responsible for accumulating greenhouse gases in the environment by undertaking our planet-harming activities which is why now we’re on the verge of a catastrophe. When the green-house gases get accumulated in the atmosphere then it can lead to numerous problems such as rise in sea level, climate change, glaciers melting, etc.

We’ve rounded up a few effects of carbon footprint in the environment:

  • Climate change

One of the major consequences of the growing carbon footprint is climate change. The phenomena of climate change occur when there is over-accumulation of greenhouse gases in the environment which results in raising the earth’s surface temperature. Due to growing earth’s temperature, the change in climate occurs.

  • Depletion of resources

Our growing carbon footprints are also responsible for the depletion of resources. Human activities such as mining, contamination of soil & water, deforestation have disturbed the ecological balance. All living beings have to suffer from a life-long ailment due to excessive carbon footprints in the environment.

  • Decrease in marine life

Increase in carbon footprint also result in decreasing marine life as when humans travel by waters, they tend to leave some kind of carbon footprints behind which result in causing danger to the lives of marine life.

  • Destruction of natural habitat

Another major consequence of the growing carbon footprint in the environment is destruction of natural habitat. Replacing lush green forests with concrete residences result in depletion of food & space for animals which results in habitat destruction.

Final Thoughts

To protect our environment, we need to reduce our carbon footprints. The carbon footprint has resulted in deteriorating the health of the environment and living beings. It’s high time now and we all need to act like a responsible citizen of this planet.

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