FIFA Women’s Soccer Team Ranking 2019

FIFA Women’s Soccer Team Ranking 2019

FIFA women’s world cup 2019 is approaching, and it will be held from 7 June to 7 July. Women’s world cup championship is governed by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).  The world championship among women’s national teams takes place every four years. This year the tournament will be hosted in France. The mascot of FIFA 2019 is Ettie, a young chicken that represents “a passion for life & football.”

USA women’s team ranks as a NO.1 in FIFA rankings as they are the most successful team in the history of women soccer. They won the tournament happened 4 years ago in Canada. Will they be able to retain their crown this time as well? For that, you need to wait until the finals.

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Here’s is the ranking table of FIFA women’s soccer team 2019:

fifa women ranking

 After 52 matches at 9 different stadiums, the golden tournament of Fifa women’s world cup 2019 was wrapped up on 7th July 2019. It has never been more competitive, and with a victory parade, the USA team has won the tournament yet again.

With the dust settled on Fifa women’s world cup 2019, the USA team has lifted the world cup for the fourth time, and we couldn’t be happier. In the history of Fifa women’s world cup, only four teams have been able to bag the trophy i.e, United States, Japan, Germany & Norway. The USA team has won the world cup trophy for the 4th consecutive time & secured the top position in the FIFA women ranking which makes their winning more celebratory. Germany gave a tough fight to the USA team in the finals & earned the title of the first runner up in the tournament.

Day by day, the popularity of women’s world is growing immensely around the globe, and now everyone enjoys women’s soccer as much as they love men’s soccer tournaments. With experience and consistency performance, the USA team has again shown the world why they are called the best team.

When it comes to soccer, the women teams have proved that they are no less than the men’s team. Women teams have displayed tremendous skill & sportsmanship. Some of the most popular soccer players of all time are Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, and Carli Llyod. Their outstanding performance in recent years has resulted in earning the title of the best women soccer players. Currently, the USA is number one in the women's world cup 2019 ranking.

The host & contender France has also played fairly well but got eliminated in the quarterfinals. The player who performed outstandingly throughout the tournament has to be Meghan Rapinoe of the USA team. The 2019’s world cup was full of excitement & incredible performance, and we can’t wait for the year 2023 to watch the 9th edition of FIFA women’s world cup.

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