Environmental Effects Of Plastic Pollution

Environmental Effects Of Plastic Pollution

In the present time, plastic pollution has become a growing global problem. The increasing accumulation of enormous piles of plastics has resulted in long-term damage to the environment. Being a responsible human, it is our top most responsibility to reduce our voracious use of plastic.  Over-consumption of plastic results in releasing toxins in the environment which can severely affect all forms of life on earth.

We all are aware of the fact that it takes around thousands of years to decompose a piece of plastic, they may become less noticeable but they still affect the health of our environment.

It is definitely high time & we must act wisely to tackle this growing global issue. This earth month, we all should become a little more conscious about our consumption of plastic goods. Tons of plastic are discarded every day in nature which ends up disrupting habitats so, we all need to beat the plastic pollution & save our mother earth.

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Let’s discuss the effects of drowning the planet in plastic pollution:

Plastic causes severe health issues

Plastic has disrupted the functioning of the ecosystem as it affects both the living & non-living organism. People tend to dump the plastic litters in the landfills which adversely impact both the soil fertility & the environment. As that dumped plastic releases harmful toxins which pollute the environment & causes fatal health issues to both humans & animals.

Death of animals due to plastic debris

Disposing plastic waste in water bodies results in the death of innocent marine animals who eat plastic debris mistaking it for food. The plastic gets entangled in their digestive tract, and then it starts acting as a slow poison. Plastic can damage marine life severely so one should think twice before carelessly disposing of anything in water bodies.

Severely affects the food chain

Another major problem caused by plastic is that it severely affects the food chain. We all know that large animals consume small organism in the food chain so when these small organisms ingest plastic thinking it edible then it poisoned them & the other animals who consume these poisonous organisms also have to suffer. Plastic pollution is invading animal’s habitat.

Contaminated groundwater

Due to mishandling of heaps of plastic, the world’s groundwater is in great danger. Tons of plastics accumulated in the landfills are full of toxic chemicals which go deeper into the ground and end up contaminating the groundwater.

Plastic accumulation form breeding grounds for mosquitoes

Another problem associated with plastic accumulation is that it results in preventing the free flow of water which results in forming the perfect condition for the breeding of mosquitoes. Mosquito larvae feed on plastics and spread fatal diseases.

Final Thoughts

Plastic is seriously damaging the planet and we all should take all the possible measures to reduce the amount of plastic waste present in the environment. Plastic pollution has become a global issue, and we all need to address it by using environmental-friendly packaging options.

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