Why Environmental Health Matters?

Why Environmental Health Matters?

Humans and nature are interconnected directly & indirectly which is why it becomes essential to take care of our environment’s health as it impacts our health & well-being too. To sustain this relationship between nature & humans, we need to take initiative to improve environmental health. The quality of human life largely depends on the physical, natural, and social aspects of the environment.

A safe, healthy and clean environment is essential for improving the overall well-being of humans. The choices we make in day to day life make a huge impact on the health of the environment. Poor environment health is hazardous for all living beings as it can result in many fatal illnesses.

Here’re a few environmental factors that can affect your overall well-being

  1. Climate

One of the most important environmental factors is a climate. A polluted environment will make the climate adverse which can further affect air, food & water. Climate is also responsible for natural disasters & many health issues.

  1. Air quality

Another important environmental factor is air quality. Air quality has a direct impact on the quality of all living being’s life. Poor environment health makes the air quality poor which further results in cardiovascular/respiratory diseases.

  1. Hazardous material

Disposing of hazardous materials in the environment can also result in polluting the environment. If the hazardous material gets in the contact with groundwater then it can contaminate the water source as well.

Why is environmental health important?

The environment provides us clean air, safe water & nutritious food which help us in sustaining life. By keeping our environment’s health intact, we can get the needed resources to leady a healthy life. We are dependent on the environment of our well-being. Being around a green, clean & healthy environment not only has a good impact on our physical health but also mental health.

A healthy environment has now become a necessity as day by day environmental hazards, and related illnesses killed so many people globally. It’s high time and we all need to fulfill our share of responsibility to keep the environment around us healthy. The health of the environment is rapidly declining which if not treated can create an alarming situation.

The driving force to save the environment rests in our hands with which we can improve the health of our environment.  By taking effective steps in economic, political & social levels through policies & agenda, we can restore the health of our environment.

Final Thoughts

To address human-health related issues, we need to create a healthy environment. A healthy & safe environment can improve the quality of every living being’s life so we all need to reflect upon our environment-harming ways, make ample effort to create a healthy environment.

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