How Yoga Can Strengthen Your Immune System?

How Yoga Can Strengthen Your Immune System?

The outbreak of novel coronavirus has made everyone realize the importance of having a healthy & strong immune system. The immune system is the body’s natural way to combat illnesses. Everyone is born with an innate immunity which provides general protection to the body. Not many people realize that incorporating yoga in the daily lifestyle can significantly strengthen the immune system.

As the world is tackling a health crisis, people are getting more concerned about their health & well-being. With gyms & health clubs being shut across the nation, keeping up with the yoga practice will help in supporting & boosting your immune system’s ability to protect the body from a wide range of illnesses. Lack of active lifestyle weakens the body’s defense mechanism due to which the body fails to fight off the enemy element in the body. No one is completely immune to various pathogens but with a strong immune system, one can easily defend itself from their attack.

Practicing yoga regularly can also help in restoring your immunity. Lack of sleep, mal-nourishment, and stress, etc are some major reasons behind a weakened immune system but you can surely fix it by doing some yoga. Now, you must be wondering how yoga is connected with the immune system? Well, yoga is a holistic approach & a time-tested natural immunity booster which helps in keeping the body functioning fit & fine. Certain yoga asanas specifically support & boost the immune system. Yoga helps in balancing the body’s internal environment & ensures that the body performs all its functions ideally.

In this article, we’ll discuss how incorporating yoga in your lifestyle can strengthen your immune system:

Yoga helps in reducing stress

Stress is one of the major reasons that diminish a body’s ability to fight off intruders. When your mind & body get stressed out, it directly impacts your body’s immunity. The stress hormone can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system so the best way to fix it is by incorporating yoga in your daily lifestyle. Yoga is a mind-body practice that helps in promoting relaxation & reduce stress. Yoga has various styles & forms that are designed to achieve peacefulness by reducing stress & anxiety.

Yoga promotes healthy sleep

Not many people are aware of the fact that lack of proper sleep can also affect the immune system. Our body requires a good quality sleep to fight off any diseases so it is essential to get enough sleep. Due to the health benefits of yoga, It is considered as a restorative practice that can help you in enjoying a sound sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep your immune system won’t be able to function ideally so incorporating yoga in your lifestyle can be really helpful in improving your sleep & strengthening your immune system.

Yoga maintains the health of respiratory system

When it comes to strengthening the immune system, keeping the health of the respiratory system is highly important. By incorporating yoga in your lifestyle, you can improve the efficiency of your lungs. Common bacterial infections first affect the upper respiratory system. When the immune system is not strong enough to stop the bacteria there then it penetrates the lungs causing severe respiratory diseases. By performing breathing-related yoga asanas, you can boost the strength of your lungs and avoid the chances of infections.

Here’re some effective yoga poses that will help in boosting your immune system:

Tree Pose

The first yoga pose that will help in boosting your immune system is a Tree asana. Practicing this yoga pose will help in strengthening your entire body as you have to balance your body weight on one leg. It boosts your stamina & keeps your nervous system relaxed. Practicing this pose daily can also help you in reducing stress by de-cluttering your mind.

Triangle Pose

The next yoga pose that you should be doing is triangle pose. This pose is one of the best yoga asanas to boost immunity as it helps in making the body feel relaxed by releasing all the tension accumulated in the body. Triangle pose also helps in improving circulation & reduce blood pressure so everyone should take out some time from their busy lives to practice it.

Bridge Pose

The next yoga pose that you should consider practicing for strong immune system health is a bridge pose. Bridge pose is a chest-opener exercise that helps in promoting T-cells growth. T-cell is a type of white blood cell that helps the immune system to combat illnesses. By practicing this pose, you can also reduce anxiety & improve the circulation of blood in the body.


The next yoga pose that will improve your immune system is pranamaya. This posture promotes deep breathing which helps in keeping the body relaxed. Practicing pranamaya is a great way to instill positive energy in the body. It is a core breathing exercise that helps in providing more oxygen in the blood, reducing anxiety level, and consequently restoring the immunity.

Forward fold Pose

The next yoga pose that can improve your immunity is forward fold pose. This yoga posture targets both the mind & the body as it brings blood flow to the sinuses & mucus membrane which helps in boosting our immune system’s health.

So, these are some easy & effective yoga poses that you can consider doing for boosting your immune system. People who do yoga on a regular basis have less chances of catching common illnesses as yoga helps in balancing the body’s internal environment & support the immune system. Yoga contributes to better well-being which is crucial for maintaining a strong immune system. By strengthening your immune system, you can make it function at its ideal potential.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, Yoga is one of the best approaches that can support & boost your immune system. By incorporating yoga in your lifestyle, you can improve the quality of your life by keeping your physical and mental health in shape.

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