Defeat Chronic Pain with Restorative Yoga

Defeat Chronic Pain with Restorative Yoga

Chronic pain can have an adverse impact on both mind & body of a person which can be cured by incorporating restorative yoga practice. Suffering of chronic pain can impact mental & physical well-being. When a person experiences chronic pain then it triggers changes in his brain structure which negatively influence the various components of the mind& body & also can impact the quality of life of people.

Some sort of physical injury or trauma is responsible for the chronic pain however one can defeat it by practicing restorative yoga. Restorative yoga counteracts chronic pain by strengthening the mind and the body of people. The ideal way to deal with chronic pain is by incorporating restorative yoga as it will help in addressing the pain mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Here’re a few restorative yoga poses with which one can defeat chronic pain:

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is an effective restorative yoga poses which everyone should practice to defeat chronic pain. This pose helps in providing a good stretch to the body as it relieves the back pain & other discomforts of the body. By practicing this yoga pose consistently, you can activate the core of your body.

Supported forward bend

Nowadays, the daily routine of the people is quite stressful which lead you to the path of never ending sufferings. By practicing supported forward bend, one can relaxes his body and free his mind from the stress. To practice this pose, all you have to do is make a stack of pillows then bend forward & rest your head on the pillow stack for support. Make sure that the pillow stack provides sturdy support as it will help in offering you comfort, and you will be able to move past your chronic pain.

Corpse pose

Corpse pose is one of the best restorative yoga pose to treat chronic pain. By practicing this pose, one can easily become aware of body sensibilities. It helps in providing relaxation to the body & fades away the discomfort of the body.

Supine twist

The next restorative yoga pose to overcome chronic pain is supine twist. The twist helps in stretching the back and the neck which eventually helps you in moving past your chronic pain. It gives a mild sensation of stretch which can help you in letting go of the stress.

Final Thoughts

Restorative yoga is the ideal way to defeat chronic pain. Consistent practice of yoga can improve the quality of life and take away all your negative thoughts which help in reframing your thoughts. Integrating restorative yoga into your lifestyle can free you from chronic pain.

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